text types (Jenis-Jenis Teks)


The purpose of Descriptive text:

  • To describe a particular person, thing, or animal

Generic Structure of Descriptive Text:

  1. Identification
  2. Description

My lovely Gio

I have a pet named Gio. He looks cute and classy. His fur is beautiful. He has thick soft hair. Every three months, he gets vitamins shots and other precaution measures.  Gio is a modern cat. He likes eating canned and dried food. When Gio doesn’t feel well, he doesn’t do much meowing and eats less than usual. In this moment, he needs extra vitamins and milk. Usually, he will be better within two days.

1. What is Gio?

a. a cat

b. a dog

c. a bird

d. a child

2. What does Gio get every three months?

a. thick soft hair

b. vitamins and milk

c. canned and dried food

d. vitamin shots and other precaution measure

3. What does Gio usually do when he is ill?

a. He gets vitamin shots

b. He eats more canned and dried food

c. He drinks from the well

d. He loses his appetite

4. Which statement is true about Gio?

a. Gio is not a wild animal

b. The text above is written by Gio

c. Every time he get sick, he needs to be taken to a veterinarian

d. Gio only gets vitamins when he is sick.

5. “He likes eating canned and dried food.” The underlined word has a similar meaning to …

a. condensed

b. tinned

c. chopped

d. cut

Here are some other descriptive text: 

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon was a man-made structure that was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The Hanging Gardens originated in approximately 605 B.C.
Babylon, the capital of Babylonia, was built between the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers, where modern Baghdad, in Iraq, stands today. King Nebuchadnezzar built the Hanging Gardens for his wife, Amytis, who was the Princess of the Medes.
The Hanging Gardens was built on arches overlooking the city walls. The lowest terrace was twenty-four meters off the ground and each succeeding terrace was three meters higher. There were about six terraces, so that the topmost terrace was forty meters off the ground.
The first stage of the building was a series of brick archways that were the same height as the city walls. Underneath them lay a shaded courtyard. On top of these arches, the Babylonians built long brick terraces in rows. These terraces were lined with lead, to hold the water, the covered with thick layers of fertile soil. Many exotic plants and trees were planted. Each flower-bed was the size of a tennis court and the area of each terrace was thirty meters long by five meters long by five meters wide.

(Taken from Bahasa Inggris, Materi PTBK Buku 2)

My Hometown.

My Hometown

Alexandria is the second biggest city in my country, Egypt, and I live in this city. It is a beautiful city, and people there are very kind and polite. Tourists like to visit my city because it is on the sea. When I walk down the Kornash, the largest street, I see the beautiful blue sea and sky, and the beautiful green grass and trees. In the spring, the flowers grow in many colors: yellow, red, and blue. The most beautiful scene is the white birds. In the winter, a very big flock of birds migrates to this place. I watch them while they skillfully fish from the sea. The birds watch the fish, and they wait patiently for a long time. When the fish come to the surface, they fly quickly and catch them. In the fall, the city looks like a very old man because the leaves of the trees fall from the trees. That is my city, and I think it is the most beautiful city in the world.

(Taken from Basic Writing)



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